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Onsēm: Where Handcrafted Elegance Meets African Vibes


Versatile Skirts Born in New York

with Sustainability at Heart

New York, October 2024 — Founded in 2021 by two French women in New York, onsēm, an up and coming fashion brand has gained prominence for its exquisite handcrafted skirts and apparels. These pieces showcase vibrant African prints, meticulously curated from specialized suppliers located just a stone's throw away in the Bronx and Manhattan. This close proximity to our studio allows these fabrics to mirror the rich tapestry of cultures and creativity thriving in the heart of New York City.


Onsēm's skirts exude an aura of femininity and effortless elegance, making them suitable for all occasions, from the morning rush to an evening out, and appealing to women of all ages.
Charlotte Thivaios, one of onsēm co-founder confirms “The diversity of our clients truly is a testament to the universal appeal of our designs and joyful prints. Women confidently wear them to the office or on a night out, while their daughters find them perfect for school. We're also delighted to see older women rekindling their love for skirts after many years”.



The Elastic Waist Skirt seamlessly combines elegance with a comfortable fit, while the Wrap Skirts are designed to create a more defined and flattering silhouette.


The vibrant African prints and chic designs of onsēm skirts ensure that they consistently stand out and draw compliments wherever they are worn. “It's truly heartwarming to witness the happiness that lights up women's faces when they discover our skirts. The beauty of the African prints never fails to spark conversations...” says onsēm co-founder Frédérique


However, onsēm is not merely a fashion brand; it's a commitment to a sustainable future. Our skirts are meticulously crafted in limited quantities right here in New-York between our studio and the Garment District, a conscious choice to minimize fabric waste and reduce our environmental footprint. This dedication not only exemplifies our commitment to environmental preservation but also guarantees that each onsēm skirt is a genuinely unique piece. In a world dominated by mass production, we firmly believe that true elegance is found in the extraordinary and the exclusive.

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