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onsēm skirt, one size fits many

Thanks to the elastic waistband and the generous width of the wrap, onsēm skirts are designed to accommodate a range of sizes.
Elastic Midi Skirt provides you with the flexibility to wear it according to your personal preference, whether you opt to wear it comfortably on your hips or choose to elevate it higher on your waist.

The elongated ties of the Wrap Skirt offer customizable sizing so you can adjust the skirt to your unique measurements for the most comfortable and flattering fit.

To ensure your comfort and coverage, we offer 3 distinct sizes.

Size chart.jpg


If you have any doubt, please get in touch at and we will figure out together what size will work better for you. ​

Plus with our FREE RETURN policy experience worry-free shopping . If your choice doesn't match your expectations, we will happily exchange it for free or reimburse you.

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