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African fabrics Skirt Handmade

Be unique
in onsēm

At onsēm, we create unique skirts and accessories using carefully chosen vibrant African prints.


Embracing the ethos of slow fashion, we take pride in creating a limited number of items at a time ensuring that each handmade item is a unique and special piece, reflecting our dedication to quality and individuality.

Handmade African Wrap Skirt

The vintage inspired Midi Wrap Skirt  allows you to adjust the fit of the skirt to your waist, creating a defined and flattering silhouette.

Handmade Midi Skirt African Print

Modern, Elegant and chill at the same time, it will become the perfect grab and go item of your closet.

African Print Long Wrap Skirt

This A-line Wrap Skirt is perfect for an evening out or a dressed down feel.

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